Hair Evolution Shaving Gel

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Shaving Gel a unique clear formula for all types of skin, but especially for dry, sensitive skin. Giving you a clear view of the hair when shaving.
Our shaving gel contains aloe vera, vitamin E and moisturizing natural oils. This enriched botanical blend of natural of ingredients that allows for a slick, consistent shave that protects the skin irritation after every pass performed and lubricates the skin against razor bumps and burn. A non-foaming gel. Provides a smooth glide with any razor and facilitates the outlining of any beard design. Paraben-free and sulfate-free.


  1. Apply 2- 3 pumps directly to damp or dry beard or onto hands and massage into beard.
  2. Using a sharp blade shave carefully in the direction of hair growth for a comfortable shave.
  3. Rinse blade frequently throughout shave.
  4. Remember to take extra care around the sensitive neck area.
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