Cricket Static Free RPM 12XL Row Deluxe Boar

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Cricket Static Free RPM 12XL Row Deluxe Boar
  • Perfect for Medium Curls: The brush for finishing touches and also great for facial hair grooming
  • Rich Boar Bristles: Adds shine to hair by naturally distributing hair's oils throughout hair
  • Static Free Nylon Bristles: Extended, gentle, fine non-snag, anti-static nylon bristles help remove static from hair
  • Reinforced "Stay Put" Ball Tips: Soft to the touch, our stay-put ball tips are soothing to tender scalps, while mastering detangling hair
  • Non-Slip Grip Handles: Wet hands, styling products on palms? No worries, our non-slip grip handles will stay firmly planted, without skipping a styling beat!

PRO-TIP: Our original Static Free™ RPM brush series is coveted by barbers as "the" brush for a flawless pompadour and facial grooming. The new Static Free™ RPM Deluxe Boar Collection is a GAME CHANGER for these artists!