Kuul Natural Series Color

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Kuul Natural Series Color

Küül Permanent Hair Color is formulated with professional-level pigments, UV filter, coconut oil and collagen for vibrant color that radiates with shine.

  • High-impact color / Coloración de alto impacto
  • Professional-level pigments / Pigmentos de nivel profesional
  • UV filter / Filtro UV
  • Coconut oil / Aceite de coco
  • Collagen / Colágeno
  • 100% Gray Coverage / 100% cubrimiento de cana
  • Mixing Ratio: 1:1½ / Fórmula: 1:1 ½


Once the appropriate Küül Permanent Hair Color and Developer have been selected, use a mixing ratio of 1:1½ (color:developer). In a non-metallic bowl measure 4.56 fl oz (135ml) of Küül Cream Developer and add 3.04 fl oz (90ml) of Küül Permanent Hair Color. Mix well. Apply on dry hair. Processing time: 45-60 minutes, depending on the application technique. Read the instructions that are found printed inside the Küül Permanent Hair Color carton. Rinse only with water.

Virgin hair: Apply mixture to ends and process for 20 minutes. Then apply to the root and process 30 more minutes. Rinse only with water.

Touch up: Apply mixture to hair growth and process for 20 minutes. Then apply to rest of hair and process for 10 more minutes. Rinse only with water.

Net. Wt. : 3.04 fl oz. e 90 ml